Panasonic Multi Room Connection (black)

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High quality music: anytime, anywhere:
Panasonic’s Multi-Room Hi-Fi System with AllPlay makes it easy to setup a multi-room configuration based on an already existing home Wi-Fi network. 
Using an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, music can be wirelessly transmitted throughout the house with a music subscription service or internet radio.
The system has two different modes to either share the same music throughout the home or different music to each speaker location. The ‘Party Mode’ setting enables everyone to join the party and listen to the same song no matter what room they are in while the ‘Mutli Zone’ setting allows users to select different songs for different connected speakers regardless of the room.
Sound enhancing technology for perfect tones:
With the simple connection of the Panasonic SH-ALL1C, an existing speaker system can be easily upgraded to form a multi-room configuration.
In addition, a High Class 192-kHz/24-bit Digital-to-Analogue-Converter (DAC) is used to suppress sound quality degradation in the wireless signal from a smartphone, resulting in high-quality audio signals being transmitted to the speaker system, ensuring perfect clarity every time.