Sonos Internet Router Bridge Enterprise Grade (white)

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Up to two times more powerful than a Sonos BRIDGE, BOOST will help to deliver Sonos wireless audio to more rooms. 
Designed to serve even the most challenging Wi-Fi environments, BOOST provides enterprise-grace wireless capabilities to homes with wireless connectivity problems.
Extended wireless connectivity:
BOOST helps to extend your dedicated wireless network for your Sonos, providing reliable performance in houses where your normal Sonos network can't reach every room.
Enjoy music in more places: BOOST opens up your house to integrate Sonos wireless systems into more rooms.
Put a PLAY:3 in a previously unreachable bedroom, a PLAYBAR in your basement or dot a few PLAY:1s around your attic. BOOST will help you fill your home with music.
Connect to a router to set up your Sonos wireless network
Sonos music players can go anywhere and work wirelessly
Perfect for homes with less accessible routers
Extend the range of your existing network
H115 x W115 x D32cm