George Foreman Health Grill (black)

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Ideal for singles, young professionals, couples and students, the George Foreman Small Fit Grill is the ultimate mealtime friend that has you covered in the kitchen. With a new premium look and feel, the Small Fit Grill comes in a shiny black with matte finishes and its bevelled ipper housing to make a statement on your kitchen counter. The Small Fit Grill's new smaller footprint & space saving sesign, perfectly fits into your life, meaning you can enjoy simpler storage without compromising on your cooking.
160% Faster Heat Up - you can always count on George Foreman to bring you a premium grilling performance. Thanks to the speedy heat-up time, you can cook up your favourite dishes, quicker than ever. With a 160% Faster Heat Up, you can enjoy freshly cooked food with friends from switch on to plate in under 6 minutes plus . Vs conventional electric oven grill set at 230 degrees.
30% Space Saving - Looking for a grill that can be easily stored away? The Small Fit Grill has a 30% Space Saving Solution without compromising the size of the grill plates. Being thinner in depth, this streamlined, space saving design means you can vertically store it away. On average compared to 23440 based on overall height.
Easier to Clean - improved non-stick coating makes the plates 2 x easier to clean. Taking the hassle out of cleaning up and simply wipe down the grill plates with a warm sponge or cloth and your grill is back in top-notch condition. Vs your conventional electric oven grill. Tested at room temperature and cleaned with a damp cloth.
Cooks 5 portions.
Fixed plates.
Non-stick plates.
Temperature ready indicator.
Floating hinge to easily adjust to any thickness of food.
Sloped grill so oil or fat can drain easily and drip tray to collect the oil and fat.
760 watts.

H 7.5 x W 19.2 xD 26.8


Type Grill