Fixed Extra Large Wall Bracket for Up To 90" TV (black)

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As a result of the rapid technological advancement in television sets thick, bulky screens are out and thin, lightweight ones are in. 
This means that TVs are now much easier to mount on the wall, and it is often far more practical and space efficient to do so, leaving more space in your room for you.
Sit back, relax and drastically improve your viewing potential with this quality Ultraslim Fix TV Wall Bracket from Hama. 
Being constructed out of solid, sturdy steel panel and suitable for all VESA standards it has no problem securely supporting your TV.
Especially engineered for the installation of ultra flat televisions with its discrete yet sturdy black design and its easy installation with the integrated spirit level, makes this product very attractive.
Furthermore, the unobtrusive mount makes the bracket disappear inconspicuously behind the television.
For the installation of LCD/PL/LED televisions with a screen size upto 90"
Unobtrusive mount makes the bracket disappear inconspicuously behind the television
Extremely flat profile allows modern and space-saving interior design
Integrated spirit level for fast and easy mounting

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