Panasonic DVD Disc Player (black)

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This DVD player from Panasonic features auto-resume, so will start playing a disk from the point it last left off (even after a power cut), front-mounted USB port for playback of media from a flash drive, dust-proof design and the ability to rip CDs to USB memory.
This high-speed, high-precision circuit converts DVD video signals using 4-times oversampling for progressive scan playback and 8-times oversampling for interlace scan playback. The high-density conversion process results in clear, beautiful pictures with high resolution and high S/N ratio.
The dustproof design lets you use the player even in dusty places, like on a shelf, without having to worry about malfunctions.
Able to archive your favorite music CD into USB memory. You will be able to enjoy your music by PC, portable audio player or other devices.
You can resume DVD from where it's stopped even after a power failure.
Lets you enjoy photos (JPEG) and music (MP3) saved into USB memory.
The narrow width allows the player to fit neatly onto a TV rack.