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Panasonic SCHTE80EBK Sound Board 120w

Colour: Black

The SC-HTE80 Speakerboard from Panasonic is a neat, one-box solution to boost the sound from your flat-screen TV.

An alternative to large soundbars or the mess of a 5.1 home cinema system, this compact Speakerboard with two integrated subwoofers and Aero Stream ports delivers powerful sound from a small unit.

Supporting weights up to 30KG, most TVs up to 47" can sit on top of the SC-HTE80 or it can be placed on a shelf below the TV.

With two HDMI sockets, one in, one out (ARC), auxiliary and optical inputs, connecting to your TV is easy.


Modern TVs offer a stunning picture and waif-like design but fall down in terms of sound quality. This is where a Soundbase such as the Panasonic SC-HTE80 can really come into its own. First of all, there are dedicated built-in subwoofers with their own 60 watt amplifier. This gives a richness and power to the sound that's completely missing from most TVs. In addition to this, stereo front speakers give detail and a strong projection of sound that's equally lacking in most TVs. Powered by a 30 x 2 watt amplifier, this gives three times the power of typical TV amplification. Clear-mode Dialogue and Dialogue level control help give the SCHTE80 crisp and clear dialogue, even during the most complicated soundtracks. Using the HDMI input, the Panasonic Soundbase will accept audio signals up to 7.1 channels for surround sound compatibility.

Standing just 6cm tall, the Panasonic Soundbase is barely noticeable when placed beneath your TV. Unlike a soundbar, the Soundbase doesn't obscure the front of your TV, leaving your TV's style very much intact. As an alternative, the 46cm wide Soundbase is also narrow enough to fit in most cabinet or rack shelves, again making it easier to accommodate than a typical soundbar. Available in either silver or black, the SCHTE80 compliments the design of most TVs.

Connecting the SC-HTE80 is easy. Simply connect to your TV and Blu-ray player via HDMI. Audio Return Channel (ARC) connectivity ensures audio is carried back from the TV simultaneously with video being carried to it. Alternatively, the Panasonic Soundbase also has both an optical digital input and analogue RCA phonos for connection to a wide range of other sources.

With an onboard Bluetooth receiver, the SC-HTE80 is ideally equipped for streaming music from your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth enabled devices. Simply pair the device and stream your stored or streaming music, such as Spotify, via Bluetooth. Thanks to Bluetooth, the SCHTE80 doesn't just improve your TV's sound, it makes the most of your music, too.

Sleek and attractive yet still a powerful performer, the Panasonic SC-HTE80 Soundbase is the convenient way to upgrade your TV's sound.