Product overview



Panasonic SCALL9EBK AllPlay Wireless Speaker

Colour: Black

Introducing a five-speaker digital audio system that produces a stunning soundstage across multiple rooms in your home, the SC-ALL9EB-K Wireless Bluetooth Wi-Fi Multi-Room Speaker allows you to wirelessly interact with your device and other speakers, reproducing your favourite music in high-definition from a wide range of sources, including Spotify, YouTube and your smartphone.

Stunning Audio Reproduction:
Housed with five speaker drivers that include: two tweeters for immaculately clear treble, two 3-inch woofers for tremendous dynamic mid-range and a large subwoofer for driven bass, the SC-ALL9EB-K gives you outstanding audio for even larger rooms.

Bluetooth Connectivity:
Connect your Bluetooth enabled smart device to ALL9 and you have the freedom to stream anything from internet radio stations to Apple Music or Spotify to YouTube videos. You are therefore not limited to the music services integrated into the Panasonic Music Streaming App. Using the clever Bluetooth RE-streaming feature ALL9 can then re-stream any Bluetooth content to other ALL Connected speakers around your home in superb audio quality using the Panasonic Music Streaming App.

This amazing feature gives you greater flexibility over how you source your music. . The SC-ALL9EB-K can be paired with the ALL9, ALL6, ALL05, ALL2 Speakers, ALL7CD all-in-one HiFi, PMX100 high-resolution HiFi, ALL70T home cinema Soundbar, ALL30T Speakerboard and ALL1C Connect Device, giving you multi-room listening.

Multi-Source Playback:
Play music from almost any source that you wish and stream via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to multiple rooms around your home. Stream playlists from your smart device or NAS drive, access your favourite station on DAB or FM radio or connect via auxiliary and even the TV.

The Panasonic Music Streaming App also gives you access to integrated music services such as Spotify & Napster for even more listening options.

Functional & compact design:
For one touch access to your favourite music, you can register up to six of your favourite internet radio programmes or other music services to the new Personalised buttons.

This makes for instant and effortless one-touch access.

For added flexibility, two SCALL9EBKs can be setup together as a stereo pair - offering as true stereo soundscape.

Alternatively, use a single SCALL9EBK on its own and connect an MP3 player or similar device to its 3.5mm auxiliary-in jack. For added convenience, the speakers can even be wall-mounted, helping to keep your surfaces clutter-free and your speakers at the optimum height for listening.


ALL Connected Multi-Room Speaker with 80W output power
Wifi Enabled
Play Music from almost any source all controlled from the Panasonic Music Streaming App
Precise sound and distortion-free 2 Woofers, 2 Tweeters and Sub
Bluetooth Re-streaming
Multi-Room Experience - Combine with other ALL Series speakers to play music in every room of your home
6 Preset Buttons for your favourite programmes
LincsD-Amp 3rd generation
Internet Radio

H22.4cm x W37.3cm x D13.8cm