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Humax HDR1800T320 Twin Tuner Freeview HD PVR

Colour: Black

The Humax HDR-1800T is a set top box (STB) that receives all Free to Air HD digital TV channels via the Freeview service it is a DTR (digital television recorder), bursting with recording, multimedia, home-networking and on-demand services for the ultimate subscription-free TV experience.

Simply plug the HDR-2000T into your HD-ready TV to enjoy 10 high definition (HD) channels, as well as access to up to 50 Freeview standard definition TV channels and 24 radio channels


With free access to High Definition channels, the Humax HDR-1800T is the perfect partner for your HD TV. In addition to free HD channels from the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, the Humax will still receive the usual standard Freeview TV and radio services, meaning you don't miss out on your existing channels: High Definition TV through your standard aerial for free!

Unlike other Freeview HD set-top boxes, the HDR1800T doesn't leave it at that. Also included is a built-in 320GB hard drive. This personal video recorder will let you record up to 200 hours of standard TV or 75 hours of HD TV. It also lets you buffer the program material - perfect for watching a program from the beginning whilst it's still recording. The same facility also lets you pause live TV. Furthermore, twin tuners give you the flexibility to watch a different channel to the one you're recording or record two channels at the same time! As you'd expect, there's an easy to use 8-day onscreen guide.

With HDMI, SCART and composite outputs, the Humax HDR-1800T will connect up to just about any TV. Should you want to plug the HDR-1800T through your hi-fi or home cinema then it will happily oblige with both RCA phono and optical digital outputs. Added to this you'll find a USB socket. This allows you to plug in external hard drives or memory sticks and playback your saved media. With the Ethernet socket you can also plug the HDR-1800T into your home network and take advantage of network updates and web apps.

Connect up to the Internet via Ethernet or an optional USB dongle and you'll be able to access the Humax TV Portal. This provides a range of services, including the popular BBC iPlayer and YouTube, plus Internet Radio.

At just 320mm wide, this midi-size set-top box is compact and unobtrusive. Humax have also put a lot of effort into making the HDR1800T 320GB easy to use. A simple search function makes it quick and easy to find the programme you're after. The Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) is a model of clarity and very straight forward to follow.

Fully comprehensive yet easy to use, the Humax HDR-1800T is the ideal introduction to subscription-free HD TV.

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